60% of online purchases are made at night and …


Customer service is a crucial element for the success of companies dedicated to the online shopping and the quality of it will be directly reflected in the benefits achieved, a clear example can be Uber or Airbnb.

Some elements of customer service in online shopping companies are the key to achieving more and better results such as simplicity of access to applications, using integrated experiences, instantaneous responses, the use of satisfaction surveys after use. service or differentiation thanks to their little altruistic and authentic gestures.

The iAdvize firm makes its proposal for a disruptive customer service, for this they configure it in two parameters, adjusting the understanding of customer expectations and integrating digital into their business model:

Detect missed opportunities

A part of the added value of a brand is obtained by identifying unresolved requests in the business. This customer service work involves collecting and analyzing data and drawing conclusions about missed opportunities, this statement by iAdvize is born from the analysis of more than 2,500 eCommerce sites.

One statement of this claim is truly amazing and is that 60% of online purchases take place at night and on the weekend. The eCommerce companies do a large part of their billing when their customer service team is not available and that is definitely a weakness.

The online shopping that occur at night and on weekends generate a loss of contact opportunities for eCommerce of more than 70 percent, because their customer service is out of service or all their operators are busy.

Size your resources to take advantage of the opportunities you miss

Online purchases produced at night or on weekends should create a challenge for eCommerce to implement human resources to manage these lost opportunities of contact with their customers.

The customer relationship industry has long been structured around two options that can be implemented in a complementary way: internalization and outsourcing. However, for some years now, companies have had two additional options: build and nurture relationships with their own community of ambassadors or turn to a community of experts on demand.

Online purchases promote an internalized customer service that favors the quality of the customer experience and the brand image. However, the associated cost is often a brake for companies and service with the internal customer is still limited by the classic opening hours.

Finally, iAdvize recommends that you think digital: using simplicity, instantaneous and ubiquity when it comes to the world of online shopping.