5 tips to extend the life of your smartphone

5 tips to extend the life of your smartphone


If you have a mobile and it has turned out to be everything you expected in a terminal, you probably don’t think about changing it in the short or medium term; Another reason for not changing it may be wanting to contribute to the planet by not changing devices all the time. Whatever the reason, here we bring you some ctips to make your phone last longer.

These tips to make the mobile last longer they are simple and easy to set up. They should be part of a daily routine that will allow us to prolong the life of our device.

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Without further ado, know these tips to make your mobile last longer:

1. Use a cover

This is the number one tip that you should take into account to extend the life of your mobile. Putting a cover on your phone will protect it from any accident, such as falls, that could break the screen of your device.

2. Take care of your phone’s battery

Here at GizTab we have given you several tips to take care of your mobile battery, and this is no exception. As it is a very important element to prolong the life of your phone, it is advisable not to use it while it is charging, not to expose it to high temperatures and to use it while it has between 20 and 80% charge.

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3. Avoid downloading many applications

You must be sure to use the applications downloaded on your mobile, because otherwise they will only be taking up unnecessary space on your mobile and reduce its useful life.

4. Avoid continually closing applications

This is a controversial topic, but avoid closing the applications on your device at all times, especially if you use them constantly. There is a popular belief of closing apps to extend the battery life on the mobile, and we do it with the firm conviction that it is totally effective. False! Closing apps doesn’t help save battery on your mobile and we’ll tell you why.

When we close the applications on our mobile, the apps continue to work low-key even if we think not. When you open them, the starting process makes more use of the battery and therefore more consumption.

5. Update your mobile operating system and applications.

This is one of the tips to make the mobile last longer that you must do from time to time so that your device has a better performance.