5 tech gift ideas for Christmas 2018

5 tech gift ideas for Christmas 2018


Nothing is missing for Christmas Eve and that is why at GizTab we have made a list of tech gifts for Christmas 2018, a count of gifts for those people who already “have it all” but who in the same way want to please with a fun and original present, even if there is a list of best mobiles on the marketSurely they already have a very good one.

Our list of tech gifts for Christmas 2018 has a wide variety of options for techies who like to be in the latest in technological fashion, as well as for those consumers of content wherever and whenever.

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Undoubtedly one of the tech gifts for Christmas 2018 This portable printer must be compatible with the mobile via Bluetooth. You can print images from your social networks or from the gallery of your terminal and thus share a memory with family and friends at the moment.

Another reason we include this printer among the tech gifts for Christmas 2018 It is because it has its own free app that allows you to create digital albums that you can share and thus send them to family and friends who are not present. It has great autonomy and its wireless technology allows you to use it whenever and however.

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Another of the tech gifts for Christmas 2018 Ideal are a virtual reality glasses, it is a very fun gadget that will allow you to enjoy a large amount of content and simply play with your mobile and this particular device.

Virtual reality glasses is one of the tech gifts for Christmas 2018 Because you can get the perfect ones according to your budget, there are robust and expensive models, like some simpler and much cheaper.

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A Smart speaker

This is one of the tech gifts for Christmas 2018 the most fashionable, everyone wants a Google Home or a Amazon Echo, particularly because they are devices that have become the key to the world of the home and the connected environment.

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One-year subscription to Netflix

If your partner or friend does not resist best Netflix series and movies then on your list of tech gifts for Christmas 2018 you should definitely think about buy you a subscription for one year, this will be the best they can get.