10 things we know about the Samsung Gear S4 or Galaxy Watch

10 things we know about the Samsung Gear S4 or Galaxy Watch


Among the features of the Samsung Gear S4 or Galaxy Watch, many new features stand out, but mainly the possibility of its launch soon and the incorporation of a new operating system in the Samsung Galaxy Watch, data that we could confirm shortly.

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According to the SamMobile site, Samsung has named the Samsung Galaxy Watch like the SM-R800 model and they are using the codename Galileo, although it has nothing to do with the European navigation system, but for now we only have more than rumors and leaks:

  1. Launching: It is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Watch will be announced alongside the Galaxy Note9 at Unpacked 2018 scheduled for August 9 in New York. This early release would give it an edge over other manufacturers who would have announcements a month later.
  2. Design: No major design changes are expected for this watch, the appearance would be equally round, but slightly thinner and lighter than its predecessor.
  3. Updates: Regular updates are expected for the processor and memory.
  4. Connectivity: It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Watch it would have LTE connectivity. This connectivity would give you the possibility of having more autonomy of the mobile, in addition it would face the Apple Watch directly.
  5. S Health: The improvements in the management of health features in the Samsung watch would be several, for example a system would be incorporated to measure the quality of sleep.

    Samsung Gear S4 with more battery and fingerprint reader thanks to its strapSamsung Galaxy Watch with more battery and fingerprint reader thanks to its strap

  6. Blood pressure: It seems that with the new smartwatch, the South Korean firm managed to take readings from the wrist and it works in a very similar way to how you use a light sensor to measure heart rate.
  7. Models: It is possible that two versions of the watch will be announced, one of them would be classic and the other sporty and more resistant.
  8. Autonomy: In the Samsung watch the autonomy would improve significantly, this smartwatch would incorporate a 470mAh battery.
  9. OS: Rumors about the end of Tizen on the Samsung Galaxy Watch grow more and more, everything indicates that they would adopt Google’s Wear OS.
  10. Name: Although as for the sequence of the name it corresponded to be the Gear S4, it could finally be called Samsung Galaxy Watch.