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Lock mobile by IMEI Lock phone by IMEI

Blocking mobile by IMEI serves for the loss of your mobile device, and without a doubt, it is one of the most unpleasant circumstances that can happen to any of us. Whether this loss is through theft or loss, there is a strong probability that the equipment will be left in the wrong hands. Locking your phone by IMEI will prevent anyone who has it from being able to use it when you lose it. In this way, you will not be able to receive or make calls, or send messages, or use the applications on your stolen or found device.

Mainly, the most sensitive information is that related to financial data, as well as access passwords to certain personal tools. In any case, the best option is to resort to alternative programs for remote deletion of the information contained in the mobile. You can also locate your device through Google, lock it, put a password that is useless in this way in the event that the terminal is turned off. It is one of the disadvantages of Android compared to Apple, unfortunately. If all this has already been done, continue with this guide on how to block mobile by IMEI Block phone by IMEI

Of course, losing your mobile device can make you prone to identity theft, since through it you can send messages to your contacts, make calls for illegal purposes, among other criminal activities. That is why before everything to continue with the process of locking phone by IMEI, you have to know knowledge of how to find your IMEI code. If this happens you will be able to block mobile by IMEI. In this article you will find the details of this security resource, intended for those cases in which you have already determined that it will be very difficult to recover your mobile device.

Lock mobile by IMEI Lock phone by IMEI

What is the IMEI code or number?

The IMEI is a number that identifies your mobile device individually. By its acronym in English, it means International Mobile Equipment Identity; that is, it acts as the DNI of your team. This number is found in different places and it is essential to know it, to block mobile by imei. The most usual thing is to find it in the box where the mobile came. Some sellers put it together with the purchase invoice and there are other means to get it through the same phone.

Another mechanism to find this code is through the following menu path: Settings> System> Phone information; On most mobile devices, this option is quite similar. You can also get the IMEI number by typing the following combination as if to make a call: * # 06 #; this will make the code appear on the mobile screen. Once the IMEI code is found, you can lock phone by IMEI. In any case, it is important that you take note of the IMEI, since if your mobile phone was stolen or lost, it will be quite difficult to find it, since the equipment will no longer be in your possession and, consequently, the options will be limited.

How to block the mobile by IMEI?

If you have already exhausted all the possibilities of finding your mobile; In other words, you are sure of the loss of the device, you should start to consider using the IMEI to limit the use of your device. There are certain considerations that you should take into account before applying this measure:

  • You must be sure with which operator did the initial activation of the equipment, since the IMEI code of your mobile will be in its database. This is usual when you buy your phone directly from the operator; In this case, you just have to call them and request to block the phone by IMEI.
  • In the event that you have acquired your mobile phone through other means or if you have changed your mobile service operator, the first thing to do will be to call the operator to request that your line be linked to the lost IMEI number, and then request to block the mobile by IMEI.
  • It does not hurt to make a formal report of the loss of your phone to the relevant authorities; in addition to any information that allows its identification, including model, IMEI code, telephone number, among others.

Advantages of blocking via IMEI

Mainly the advantages of blocking phone by IMEI, is the prohibition to use the device, limiting the use of SMS messaging, making phone calls, as well as connecting to the Internet.

In any case, if for any reason the person who has the device in their possession manages to unlock it, by passing PIN, pattern or any other security measure, they can only make use of their equipment through a Wi-Fi network, leaving the equipment many times just to play; that is to say, practically useless.

Interestingly, although the IMEI code is a piece of information that many know, not all countries have taken steps to take full advantage of this blocking tool. Currently, less than 50 countries are applying this type of blockade, through mobile operators. Mainly, this measure is applied in the countries of Europe and America.