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Download Mozilla Firefox 32 or 64 bits Spanish.

Known among users as Firefox, it is another frequently used web browser. Anyone can download Mozilla Firefox in its latest version, it is completely free and open sourceTherefore, it can be modified and used according to your own needs. In its beginnings, Mozilla Firefox was developed for Windows, Apple’s OS X and GNU / Linux as operating systems, nowadays, it will also find the version for devices with Android system.

It offers a good browsing experience, in addition to being fast and this by using a very powerful rendering engine. It is possible to download Mozilla Firefox 32 and 64 bits in its latest version, after improve its operation notably, installing extensions and add-ons. They are small tools, which are facilitating user interaction through the Mozila Firefox browser, with different services available through the Internet.

Mozilla Firefox in its latest version, improves its operation and fluidity with each update or new version, thus competing with its main rivals. When downloading Mozilla Firefox 32 or 64 bit, you will be impressed by major changes and service optimization. It is a very good alternative to Google Chrome, as a web browser, even for some users it can become the first choice.

Available download Mozilla Firefox Spanish free 32 or 64 bits latest version.

Available in different languages ​​(about 79 at the time of writing this article) and constantly updating, Mozilla Firefox is a favorite as a web browser among gamers and programmers. This could be because offers many additional options that improve the user’s browsing experience. Among others, a reliable antivirus that protects against malware, regular security updates, private and secure browsing, the built-in PDF reader or spell checker.

When downloading Mozilla Firefox, you have to choose according to the processor and / or operating system. Compatibility will be perfect for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Firefox highlights

Multi platform. Developed for multiple operating systems. You can download Mozilla Firefox in versions for Windows, Linux, Mac What’s more, it is also available on Google Play for devices with Android operating system as well as on Apple’s App Store for iOS.

Tabbed browsing. With Firefox you will be able to open several web pages simultaneously, viewing each one of them in a different tab. The close button will be present for each open tab, so that you can not only open, but also close the tabs randomly if this is what you want.

Session restore. If by mistake your computer shuts down suddenly, when restarting, Firefox will offer you the possibility to restore your old interrupted session, thus avoiding the loss of information. In addition, you can recover from the history menu a tab that you accidentally close or want to visit again.

Spelling checker. When you download Mozilla Firefox, once you have it installed and use it as a web browser, Through the Spanish / Spain dictionary add-on, you will have the integrated spell checker. In response to your choice, you will see underlined the words that you mistakenly type them incorrectly, in the text boxes of web pages for example. Just by right-clicking on the wrong word, alternatives will appear to replace it.

Search suggestions. When making a query on the Internet through the browser, as soon as you start typing in the Firefox search box, you will get a list of suggestions before the result.

Integrated search. The Mozila Firefox web browser has a built-in search bar that can be used with the main genre engines if so established, such as: Google, Bing, Yahoo !, eBay, RAE Dictionary, Wikipedia or Creative Commons.

Pop-up windows blocked. With Firefox, you can control annoying pop-up windows, thus preventing them from being displayed. As a user, you will be notified, through an icon or an information bar of the blockade.

Antiphising protection. Upon encountering a web page suspected of identity theft fraud, (physing) Firefox blocks and warns the user by helping them find the authentic page.

Automatic Updates. Once the Mozilla Firefox web browser is downloaded and installed, you will always have the most recent version. This will be possible, thanks to its function that checks the installed browser version and warns the user of the existence of a more recent one.

Protection against spyware. Download Mozilla Firefox from the developer’s page to be sure it is the authentic one. After installing the browser, you will be protected against spyware, because Firefox does not allow web pages to download, install or run a program without your explicit consent.