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Video streaming grows using Apple devices

apple tv 2014

According to the survey, which offers Adobe in PDF format, users who use the device Apple tv It represented a figure close to 12.8 percent of those who watch streaming television worldwide, values ​​that correspond to the second quarter of 2015, compared to the 11.7 percent share that represented the first quarter of this year. . Regarding the use of other devices iOS, 22.3 percent of users do it through their iPad, and 18.2 percent use streaming using their iPhone.

The study highlights that streaming is growing worldwide at a breakneck pace, with an increase of 63 percent between the first half of last year, and that of the current 2015. For its part, Adobe It also highlights that the audience for tablets is declining slightly in part due to the larger size of smartphones.

It is curious how the report reveals that the Apple tv It has been the only device in its category, of which they are connected to the Smart tv, which showed growth from one quarter to the next, around 10 percent, while all the others saw their share fall or remain.

All this information is made public only a few days before the presentation by Manzana of the new models of iPhone. In addition, the rumors around the arrival of a new model Apple tv They have gained strength in recent months given the great experience the company has in serving streaming content, a market that is growing by leaps and bounds.

Among the novelties that the new will bring Apple tv They highlight the remote control of the new device, which would have a motion sensor to allow the user to interact with what they are watching on television, as well as a microphone to be able to use voice commands and communicate through the assistant. Siri.