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iOS 9: hidden features that will make life easier

ipad iphone ios9

After a little over a month of use since the public beta of iOS 9 was installed on the iPhone and iPad, I can certify that it has interesting functions that can have a great impact on the use we make of Apple devices every day.


| Jul 31, 15

ipad iphone ios9
  • selfies album and screenshot. Storage in an orderly manner, within the photo album, any screenshot or selfies captured with your device without being mixed together with the rest of the photographs taken. It can be very helpful when what you want is to locate the face of one of your selfies, or some documentation that you know you stored just by taking a screenshot of what you were currently viewing on the iPad or iPhone.
  • Calls, messages or FaceTime from Spotlight. From the search offered by the home screen known as Spotlight, you know, sliding your finger from a place on the screen downwards enables the advanced search offered by iOS 9. Well, it turns out that when you search for a specific contact, you can launch the call, message via iMessage, or video call by FaceTime directly from Spotlight.
  • iCloud Drive and its improvements. With the application of iCloud Drive enabled in iOS 9, it will be possible to attach any type of file to an email, regardless of whether they are images, documents, videos or other different files.
  • Access to services from a locked screen. In order to streamline the use of certain services that will be used massively by users from now on, with iOS 9, Apple grants quick access to the use of certain applications and services, such as those related to payment systems. From the iPhone's own lock screen, you will have quick access to the Wallet application, Apple Pay, or any other application of this type. You will not have to unlock the terminal previously to re-enter the password once you start using the mobile payment service.
  • Allow searches from "settings". Use the new search bar from the system settings screen. Surely on some occasion it has happened to you that you have to look for something on your device but since they find you within settings, you cannot. Before the arrival of iOS 9, the previous versions forced to leave it to be able to launch the system search.


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