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Contact : makes reservations from Apple Watch has announced the launch of its dedicated application for users ofl Apple Watch in order that they can access certain functionalities from the device without having to resort to the smartphone or additional device. Specifically, the application for WatchOS It allows clients to consult all their information related to their reservations, consult directions and locations, view images related to the complex, as well as obtain directions to the hotel. The user can also receive notifications from the hotel and their status of check-in or check-out when they choose to use the express check-out mode.

The application It also allows you to find offers from the screen of the Apple Watch, with the precise location with respect to the place where it is, in case the client considered obtaining a last minute reservation. At all times, the user has information related to accommodation and associated rates.

The company highlights that the application, used worldwide, already has a figure of 40 million downloads since it was presented at the end of last April. It stands out the great reception achieved in Spain due to the great tourism it receives, and also to the great penetration of smartphones in our country.