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Google updates Blogger for some users

Google updates Blogger for some users

Google is offering some Blogger users access to a new version of the service, which allows the use of user-definable templates, tagging of entries with labels, the possibility that multiple authors can access and a publication even faster for new entries.

The company has indicated that updating the service will also be better integrated with other services through changes made to the account access process.

The new features bring the Blogger service closer to that offered by other competing services, such as TypePad by Six Apart and WordPress by Automattic.

However, the new features will only be available to users who connect using a Google account, and not the Blooger account, and even in this case only a small percentage of users will be invited to switch accounts initially. According to Google statements: "If you are one of them, you will see a blue box in the sidebar of your dashboard that will highlight the new version of Blogger."

The account change does not affect the content of the blogs or the profiles of the users of Blogger, and according to the company also facilitate the use of other Google services such as AdWords.

The two types of accounts will work in parallel for a season, although Google will disable the option to connect to a Blogger account. Google accounts offer better protection against fraud, phishing and abuse compared to Blogger accounts, according to the company.

Among some changes to the service, Google will enable the creation of templates by dragging and dropping, in addition to support for RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0, so that the number of readers who can follow the development of a blog without having to visit the website increases. .