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Apple Music exceeds 10 million subscribers

As we advanced, the month has not yet passed since the launch of the streaming music service Apple musicBut its CEO Tim Cook has already highlighted that millions and millions of users are already customers of the new service. According to the first indications, the figure would have reached in this period the number of 10 million users, which puts it in a very good position compared to the figures managed by similar services from the competition.

The amount is quite significant, although it should be noted that Manzana It is offering it, for the moment, free of charge during the first three months of use to all device users. iOS. In this way, Apple music It would currently have just over 10 million users, compared to the 20 million Premium licenses that one of its main competitors has, such as Spotify. Beyond the mentioned modality of users Premium, Spotify It has to its credit a figure of 75 million active users worldwide, taking advantage of the free use modality under advertising conditions and with limited access to everything offered. Remember that the price for users Spotify Premium It is $ 9.99 a month. Spotify It also slightly modified its conditions after the arrival of Apple Music, offering new users a subscription Premium three months for just 99 cents so that they can experiment with the ways of using their service.

The great advantage of the service of Apple music Compared to the rest of the competitors, the company has fully integrated it into the latest version of the operating system, so that from now on, the user does not have to download any dedicated application for use or start-up. Just activate the subscription to start enjoying the music store, as well as the radio Beats1 than Apple It has also launched. We will have to wait for the three months that initially Manzana has given users to really know the subscribers who will stay active and faithful to the streaming music service of Manzana.