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Apple launches new apps based on iBeacons and analytics

Manzana has just announced the launch of a series of apps that use analytics to make it easier for employees in vertical markets.

The first one is called Loan Advise and enables mortgage brokers to use an iPad to collect real-time customer information to offer more personalized loans. Loan Track for the iPhone, for its part, enables agents to review the mortgage loans that are in progress and know what the needs are in order to speed up the procedure. Analytics is key in this application since it allows prioritizing loan applications and knowing the probability for them to be granted.

Another of the applications announced by Apple is Expert Resolve for the iPad, which is intended for use by field workers who focus their activity on the maintenance and repair of devices such as ATMs. In general, the user will be able to work on a previous repair and know what are the most common problems of the device. In addition, they can also use the camera to photograph a broken machine and can contact colleagues with FaceTime functionality if they need extra help.

Asset Inspect, an iPhone app, uses predictive analytics to suggest why a piece of industrial equipment, such as a transformer, does not work properly, offering offer advice for repair. The application allows technicians to update new jobs, learn about working conditions or what are the most dangerous jobs.

Safe Site for the iPhone allows employees to warn of unsafe conditions at their workplaces. For this, Apple uses iBeacons.

Finally, Field Inspect for iPad is targeted at government agency inspectors. They can use the iPad's camera and microphone to document inspections and can use the app to view information gathered from previous inspections.