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Universal applications for iPhone, iPad and Mac

At the 2018 WWDC Developers Conference, Apple first talked about its plans to unify iOS and macOS apps. The internal work of this project was carried out over two years, which gave positive results. As part of this initiative, the first versions of the cover applications have already been presented: News, HomeKit, Promotions and Dictaphone. But when does the adaptation tool reach third-party developers?

According to Bloomberg's authorized release, the code-named Marzipan project is in a key phase of development. The aim of the project is to give developers the opportunity to create universal applications that work equally well on both iPad and iPhone, as well as Mac computers. Of course, it will also give a boost to the application industry: publishers will receive Another incentive for software development and users will have access to new useful applications.

The tool to adapt applications is expected to be available this year. However, so far only for iPad apps. Next year the company will present a similar tool for iPhone. The process of creating universal applications for different operating systems will be greatly simplified, and developers will not have to make changes to the base code. A complete SDK will be available to third-party developers in 2021.

Remarkable, but the App Store and Mac App Store will continue to exist separately. Apple is not going to unite the platforms, as the direction of the company has repeatedly said.