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The 5 best survivors of Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight the best survivors

In Dead by Deadlight Mobile there are many characters that you can gradually unlock, but not all of them are perfect to face the assassins. There are some who are the most popular due to the characteristics they haveThey have skills that can help a lot while trying to escape from the place where you are locked up.

If you have not yet managed to adapt to the gameplay of the survivor mode, the characters that we will show you next will do a lot to get advantage over the killer. It should be noted that the results of the game will also depend on the type of character your teammates have and their participation.

Dwight Fairfield

Dwight Fairfield dead by daylight

Yes, even though he is the most basic for being the first survivor they give you, he is one of the best you will have. Dwight Fairfield is known for his ability to find other survivors, and he does this. perfect for teamwork. It is a good option if you want to get extra points for helping others to escape the killer or repair the generators. Its characteristics are the following:

  • Link: You can see the auras of the other survivors.
  • Test yourself: increases speed after repairing, curing, or sabotaging while a partner is nearby.
  • Leader: increases the speed of repair, healing and sabotage of all survivors.

Meg Thomas

meg thomas dead by daylight

It is another of the best known because it is an expert in escaping bad situations and has impressive speed. On the other hand, it is also a very silent survivor, which prevents her from being found by the killer on several occasions. Its characteristics are the following:

  • Fast and quiet: you don't make noise when going through obstacles, running or hiding for a few seconds.
  • Career boost:Increase 150% of your normal speed for 3 seconds when starting to run.
  • Adrenalin: When you are about to escape or the map doors open, you heal instantly and run 150% more than your normal speed.

Bill overbeck

Bill Overbeck dead by daylight

Despite his elder appearance, he is one of the roughest characters in Dead by Daylight Mobile. He is a very efficient soldier because his abilities involve facing the murderer, and ensuring that the plan is carried out at all costs. His skills are as follows:

  • Laggards: If you are the last to stay alive, you will repair the generators 25% faster than normal.
  • Lend Timeor: You gain energy by saving a partner, the dying status damage turns into a bleed timer, helping you stay alive.
  • Unbreakable: You recover up to 25% faster from the dying state.

Ace Visconti

Ace Visconti dead by daylight

Also known by the nickname Lucky Bastard, he is a survivor who is very lucky in games. It is a good choice for help team repair generators or sabotage the killer's traps. His skills are:

  • By bare hand: Increase range to view auras several meters away.
  • Raise the bet: Your luck increases for each survivor found alive.
  • Ace up your sleeve– Gain a 50% increased chance of finding a rare item on map bales.

Claudette Morel

Claudette Morel dead by daylight

She is a perfect scientist to become the doctor of the other survivors. With your knowledge you can achieve heal himself, and find the wounded to help them. His skills are as follows:

  • Draw: You can see the aura of the dying or injured in a range of 64, 96 or 128 meters.
  • Botanical knowledge: increases the healing speed by up to 33% and increases the effectiveness of the kits by 6%.
  • Self-healing: You unlock the ability to heal yourself without having a loot and with the advantage of doing it faster than others.

All of these survivors are good options for increase the chances of survival and escape the killer. However, this is not all, you also have to take into account that it influences the way you play, so it is recommended that you learn some tricks so that you can win the games.