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New YouTube chapters will allow you to see only what's important

youtube new feature chapters

Most users use YouTube more frequently to listen to music or to enjoy content from their favorite channels. These videos are usually viewed in full, from start to finish, without skipping anything. However, from time to time, users also log into YouTube to watch a tutorial, and in that case, most commonly, people skip various parts of the video until you reach the points that interest you.

The problem is that Getting to the important parts of a YouTube video is not entirely easy. To do this, you practically have to guess where he is, slowly advancing the video, looking at the images / thumbnails or seeing in the comments if any user has already indicated the minute where the part that everyone is interested in is. Luckily, this is about to end, because YouTube has started adding chapters to the videos of the platform to help you see only what's important.

These are the new YouTube chapters, a feature that we scream

so are the new chapters of youtube

For some people and on some channels, YouTube has started showing chapters in the video timeline. These chapters are just segments that divide the total length of the video and indicate what is the topic or what happens in certain minutes of the video you are watching. That is, they point out the most important parts so that you can go directly to what matters to you without wasting time.

At the moment, these chapters are not generated by themselves. YouTube adds them to the videos according to the timestamps that the creators put in the description of your videos. For example, if a video in your description says that at 0:00 the intro sounds, at 2:17 you will see the review and at 6:08 you will see the conclusion, YouTube will add those chapters to the video timeline ( with their respective titles) so that users can know where the important parts are.

New YouTube chapters will not appear in all videos

youtube tiktok shorts

This new feature is also especially useful for enjoying concerts on YouTube, since you can see which songs are played every minute easily. Pitifully, not all content creators on YouTube put time stamps of the most important parts of his videos in the description. Therefore, you will see these new YouTube chapters in a few videos.

We repeat, for now, only some selected users can see these chapters in YouTube videos. Nevertheless, little by little this new feature will reach all users soon. If you want to know if you can already see the YouTube chapters, try it with this video that does have timestamps. Of course, do not forget to update the YouTube application (if you are going to try it from your mobile) to have a better chance of the chapters appearing to you.

Source | Android Police