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How to install Apple CarPlay on an Android tablet

how to install carplay on android tablet

CarPlay is the interface for cars that will become the Android Auto of the iPhone. While many current cars have CarPlay built in, the vast majority of vehicles launched more than 3 years ago do not have this function. Therefore, if you have an iPhone and want to use CarPlay in your not-so-new car, you have two options to do so: install a new car infotainment system or install CarPlay on an Android tablet.

In the market an infotainment system with CarPlay is worth between 450 and 900. In addition to being difficult to install, these systems usually offer a small 7-inch screen with a rather poor resolution. Hence, this is not the best option, especially if you consider that you can install CarPlay on an Android tablet for less than 200 and place it in your car as if it were an infotainment system.

That way, not only you will save moneyYou will also get all the functions that an Android tablet can offer. So, if you have already decided on this last option, here we will explain step by step how to carry it out.

How to install Apple CarPlay on an Android tablet

carplay on android tablet

Install CarPlay on any Android device it is very simple if you have the right accessories to do it. Therefore, before presenting the steps you must follow to install CarPlay on a tablet, we will first show you what accessories you need to do it.

Requirements to install CarPlay on an Android tablet

  • Android tablet: You can use one you already have and don't use to test this option. If you don't have one, then buy a cheap one like the Amazon Fire 7. Then, if you like how CarPlay looks in your car with a tablet, you can buy a bigger one with better resolution. Anyway, the only requirement in this case is that the tablet has Android 5.0 or later.
  • Carlinkit adapter: This accessory is the one that activates CarPlay on the Android tablet, so it is as important as the tablet. It will allow you to connect your iPhone to the tablet wirelessly with CarPlay and, in addition, it is compatible with all the main iOS apps and functions such as the split screen of iOS 13. Its price is somewhat high, but not as much as that of a system of new infotainment.

  • OTG adapter: You can use a normal OTG cable (microUSB or USB C to USB female) to connect the tablet with the Carlinkit adapter, but eventually you will need to charge the tablet at the same time that you use CarPlay wirelessly. Therefore, we recommend using a 2-in-1 OTG adapter that offers you an extra port to charge the tablet.

If your tablet has a USB C port, then go for the next adapter.

  • AutoKit application: It is the app of the Carlinkit adapter that you must install on the tablet to start CarPlay. Download its APK by clicking here.
  • Support (optional): With this simple accessory you can easily place the tablet on the dash of your car without many complications.

Steps to install CarPlay on an Android tablet

install autokit on android tablet

Now that you have everything you need, you can now install CarPlay on your Android tablet as follows:

  • Install the AutoKit application on the Android tablet.
  • Use the OTG cable to connect the Carlinkit adapter to your tablet.
  • Now connect your iPhone to the Carlinkit adapter using a USB cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

That is all! Once all the connections have been made, CarPlay will automatically open On the screen of the tablet and your iPhone enter CarPlay mode. Remember that in this way all the main applications and functions of iOS (Siri, voice control, music, maps, calls, messages, audiobooks, etc.) work perfectly.

Even so, if you had any problem following this guide, do not hesitate to tell us and as soon as possible we will help you solve it.