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"A Game of Thrones nightmare" as described by one of Apple's most important divisions

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Alex Kantrowitz, a BuzzFeed News reporter, has written an interesting book titled "Always Day One" in which he openly talks about Apple's IS&T division.

Apparently, in the words of the book's author, the division of Systems and Technology Information (IS&T) The company remains in a constant war in which its employees use all kinds of tricks to seize power.

BuzzFeed tells us a story of jealousy, disputes, deceit and dismissal. A nightmare worthy of the series "Game of Thrones".

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Apple's IS&T division

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Apple's Systems Information and Technology division is responsible for building many of Apple's internal technology tools from servers to data infrastructure to corporate sales software.

According to Alex Kantrowitz in his book ?Always Day One?, this division is in a constant state of war, there is not a good atmosphere and workers operate under very unfavorable conditions.

It turns out that IS&T is a division made up of contractors They have been hired by rival consulting companies, and their dysfunction has led to a very murky job situation.

An anonymous former employee spoke thus about the division to the author of the book:

?It is an organization of employees that manages a large amount of infrastructure for the company. All that complete organization is a Game of Thrones nightmare. ?

Interviews with the rest of the division's former employees draw a map of a disagreeing template, where internal struggles prevent the creation of useful software, and where employees are treated as expendable subjects.

Archana Sabapathy, a former employee of IS&T, assured that "there is a constant cold war every day." Within the division, contract companies such as Wipro, Infosys, and Accenture are constantly struggling to win projects, projects that are basically accomplished by offering the cheapest alternative that pleases Apple managers.

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At IS&T there are no friends, only rivals

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It seems taken out of an alternative reality to how we see Apple as a company. A supportive, close company, a company that focuses its efforts not only on offering the best products, but also on fighting for equality, bringing people together and helping to improve the environment. But, according to Archana Sabapathy, making friendship is unthinkable.

?Making a friendship is? like you don't even think about it. It is no longer the traditional American way of working. You build relationships because you come to work and spend most of your time here, but that doesn't happen there. ?

One of the most surprising statements stated that "the guy I used to work with was transferred to a totally different team, and they replaced him with another guy, and after a month he was gone." Also, they changed the IS&T project manager and no one said anything to the workers.

Once IS&T projects are complete, they can continue to cause headaches for Apple employees, who must continue to fix the mess. In fact, on multiple occasions employees of this division have been forced to rewrite the code after products built at IS&T failed to work.

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