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WhatsApp Desktop arrives at the Microsoft Store

It was last year whenFacebook decided to introduce WhatsApp on desktop platformsWith an application based on the web service of the messaging application, in this way, they tried to prevent Telegram from escalating more positions in a fight in which WhatsApp is the undisputed winner.

The web application has all the functions found in WhatsApp on smartphones, with the only disadvantage that to use itwe must have linked our smartphone,therefore it does not work if the phone is not turned off or you do not have an available internet connection. Now it appears that WhatsApp will facilitate the download of your application through the Microsoft Store in Windows 10.

Although it seems that the application is beginning to be available in the Store, only a small group of users will be able to start using it, this is because once the application is installed, when starting itask for our Facebook credentials before arriving the QR codethat links the application to the smartphone.

Once it is verified with our Facebook credentials that we are authorized to participate in the private beta, an error code 403 will appear depending on whether we are in the list.

Are you part of the private beta of WhatsApp Desktop? Leave us your comments