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Vivo copies Xiaomi in one of its worst design decisions

In recent months we have seen how Vivo is positioning itself as one of the brands with the most impact in terms of innovation. It was the first to put a fingerprint sensor on the screen commercially and with the Vivo APEX it has demonstrated how the next step in the design of mobiles should be.

We know that although that model was just a prototype there will be a commercial variant coming soon. What we do not know is whether there will be one or two models of this smartphone and that is that in the last leaked images we have seen how Vivo has copied a design element from Xiaomi that already seemed to us to be a mistake.

No retractable camera

Although the Vivo APEX stood out for its huge screen ratio, almost 90%, what really surprised was the implementation of the fingerprint sensor in the lower half of the touch panel and above all that there was no space for anything other than a screen.

Vivo copies Xiaomi in one of its worst design decisions

The front camera became an element that was hidden when it was not needed, betting on a strange position: the upper frame.

There were many voices that arose in doubt that a movable element would be durable in time and it seems that they live in agreement.

In the new leaked photos of an unannounced Vivo mobile we still see how the bottom edge increases in size. It is not something exaggerated but in addition to breaking the double symmetry of the front we see how the front camera includes in that area.

This makes the phone look like a Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S, which is not bad in itself, but we know that the analyzes that have been carried out on this phone, including ours, put the position of the camera as something negative.

We don't know if Vivo has multiple models in development of the commercial variant of APEX (which appears to be called NEX).