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The new Instagram Stories sticker lets you ask what you want

The evolution of the last years of Instagram is being quite large. From a social photography network it has become a community in which users share their way of life. And there everything fits.

And it is a success from the economic point of view, with more than 1 billion users on the platform. That is why this facet is being enhanced with the integration of elements such as the one currently being tested.

A new sticker for Instagram stories

It is possible that in the last hours you have seen some images in your stories that are accompanied by a new sticker on which your contacts allow you to ask a question. This new function seeks to increase interaction.

When it is, we can write a sentence and give everyone who follows us a question. Once we receive them we can answer them directly through a new story, so that all our followers see both the question and the answer.

Of course, the name of the person asking the question will not appear in that publication where it is answered so if we want it to be so, or if we want a notification to arrive so that you know that it has been answered, we will have to mention it using the option given by Instagram with your username @antes.

In the image you see how some of the proposals of very active users on Instagram are, such as Javier Lacort or David Mateo.

Not yet for everyone

At the moment this new sticker is not available in all profiles but it is a matter of time that this is so. We have been able to see it in recent days being used by several people but the company has not yet wanted to launch it in a massive way. And no, it does not depend on a specific version of the APK.

Update 10-7-18:

This function is already reaching all profiles, as they tell us on the official Instagram blog.