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The future of drones: beyond security and messaging

The British police are training eagles in order to shoot down unauthorized drones, since many people have used these technological devices for illegal tasks, which raises the following question: the future of drones? We will try to visualize it, at least, in terms of security.

These powerful tools consisting of a small unmanned helicopter and a camera, in some cases small cargo units, even capable of carrying weapons, are used by armies and governments around the world for surveillance and control of hostile territories. and in war, as well as in zones of peace that are patrolled.

These devices are used more and more since it does not pose a real danger to a living being, therefore the future of drones It is foreseen quite committed.

However, it has recently become known that British security forces have particular concerns about the uses drone futuresBecause these units are currently used by criminals for illegal and unauthorized tasks, they are training an army of eagles to shoot down unauthorized ships.

In addition, the authorities that have set themselves this task have prepared a kind of armor that will be the protective shield of these animals to guarantee that they are not in any danger when executing their State security task.

They decided to use this species due to the natural abilities known for hunting and to catch objects or other moving beings, with almost millimeter capacities, in addition to having a rather sharp visual sense that allows them to determine their target many meters away.

Not always and not anywhere the legal to fly a drone. In July 2015, a provisional regulation for this type of administration was approved in Spain, and the legislature is working on a definitive resolution that allows for full and real control over this type of unmanned aircraft, so that the future of drones need a series of permits.

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<p>In said regulation, a distinction is made between two types of equipment: those that go up to two kilos and those that go from two to 25 kilos, since upon exceeding this size they must be registered as one more aircraft and therefore are regulated by the State Area Security Agency, already having other implications such as limitations in your flight plan.</p><div class='code-block code-block-7' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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In the event that a company wants to use one of these devices with a weight that exceeds two kilos, it must, first of all, ensure that its driver has an accreditation for drone handling, even though there is officially no institute or academy where offers the necessary training for the manipulation of these equipment, then we could say that in the future of drones There will be schools dedicated to training pilots of these ships.

Therefore the requested accreditation is not formal, some documentation is required stating the capabilities of a person to manipulate the object, there are some exceptions such as in the case of an airplane pilot, helicopter, former aviation officer or another person with proven experience they have open permission to take off.

These measures seek, in the future of drones, control the excess of devices that are used for unauthorized observation that could promote large-scale robberies, kidnappings, terrorist attacks, among others, as well as micro-drug trafficking and robberies at small levels.

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