The flexible Mate X is the future of Huawei phones

The flexible Mate X is the future of Huawei phones


The Mate X could be one of many designs of Huawei flip phones.

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When Huawei announced that the Mate X folding phone the audience will be sold for 2,299 euros around US $ 2,600 at the launch event of the phone in the MWC He made a sound of amazement and disappointment. But it might not be like this forever.

"It is not just a phone," said Clement Wong, director of product marketing at Huawei. "There will be many different phones," he added, implying that they could come out at different prices.

Foldable phones are impressive and not only because they feature a completely new design. At prices that double or even more than that the cost of today's $ 1,000 4G flagship phone designs, these folding models are driving cell phone prices to a stratospheric level. Since 2016, Samsung's most expensive Note phone has cost $ 850, while Apple's most expensive iPhone increased from $ 769 in 2016 to $ 1,099 in 2018, an increase of 43 percent.

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The possibility that Huawei's flip phones were cheaper was a new Mate X detail that leaked from a session for a small group of journalists after Huawei's press conference. Another idea was why the phone was so expensive in the first place, beating even the price of the new Galaxy Fold Samsung, which will sell for $ 1,980. While the foldable design and high-end specs inflate the price, the key could be in the form of the foldable phone.

"Honestly," Wong continued, referring to the Galaxy Fold in veiled terms, "it's not actually folding." Huawei did not want to sell a foldable phone with a large space on the sides when closed. The Galaxy Fold has a noticeable loop, seemingly large enough to insert a pencil, while the Mate X is much flatter.

The hinge, Wong said, was a major research and development effort that took three years to design. "That is the very important part of developing the phone," he said.

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Also, Wong confirmed that the Mate X closes with a latch and does not have a wireless charge. As for its three cameras, which function as a selfie camera too, Wong confirmed that they have the same lenses, wide angle, standard and telephoto, which Mate 20 Pro of the company.

"This camera system is as good as the flagship product of the Mate line," he said. "Maybe not exactly the same, but the performance is just as good."

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