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The best simple productivity apps you can download

On a day-to-day basis, we cannot forget our tasks and obligations. One of the advantages that our mobiles have become true multimedia centers is that we can also use them to be able to use productivity apps that improve our overall performance.

Therefore, in this post we collect the best productivity applications related to tasks and organization. We have selected what we consider the best in its field, since within productivity there are many variants to squeeze. Today we review the kings in that regard. And we warn you: Google is in the lead.

The first and most important: Google Tasks

The best productivity apps you can download

We put in first position a recent one in the sector but it has become one of the best productivity applications: Google Tasks or Google Task. An application that we already talked about a little more in depth, an article that you can check under these lines.

This application made by Google has several important advantages. For starters, it's totally made with Material Design 2, which not only shows us what awaits us on Android from Android P, but it is also a very well-made, usable and above all intuitive app. Fundamental when we need to write down tasks consecutively without eating our heads.

The best productivity apps you can download

In this application we will be able to write down our tasks in a simple way, divide it by lists and synchronize it with our Google account. Everything is at hand, it is visually pleasing and does not give us more functions than necessary. If we dare to use this application, we will have the tasks controlled without too much trouble in a moment.

Inbox, perfect for managing your emails

The best productivity apps you can download

I'm not going to go too far with this application because almost all readers will know it, but it should be here: Inbox. This is basically the best email app you can download. You can automatically catalog your emails, see details of everyone you receive, launch automatic responses, postpone emails …

The design is great, the functionality is far superior to Gmail and also everything is better organized. Using Inbox ensures that we can have all our emails in one place without worrying about wasting time managing them, since the application helps you do it without problems. Certainly a must in the top of productivity applications we need.

CamScanner, the portable scanner you need

We continue with an app that you may not use every day, but that certainly comes in handy from time to time: CamScanner. In the age of technology, paper is becoming increasingly obsolete, and we need to send scanned documents by email. This application is undoubtedly the best in its field.

The best productivity apps you can download