Sebastian Jimenez

Sony Boss Shawn Layden Teases announcement for next year

Sony fans may not have to wait long for new news from the PlayStation home.

Sony has been extremely quiet lately. They didn't have a PlayStation Experience event this year. They have announced that they will not be at E3 next year. Last night at The Game Awards, Microsoft and Nintendo made new announcements, but Sony didn't. What's going on? Why are they so quiet?

While it can be argued that the catch-22 situation they are in right now is a problem of their own making, that is no comfort to their fans, who are probably eagerly waiting for the company to do Some New announcements and share some information.

In response to one of those fans, who regretted the lack of important news from Sony last night on Twitter, the head of PlayStation America, Shawn Layden, said simply: "see you next year", which seems to indicate that they are lining up some announcements and events that stifle fans.

Of course, that's pretty obvious: If they weren't doing that, we'd be seeing another year of blackout from Sony, and I don't think they will. But still, for many fans, I suppose this confirmation is good anyway.