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Samsung to produce more folding phones in 2020

Samsung Galaxy S11

A few hours ago it was confirmed that in two weeks we will be able to meet Samsung's new folding smartphone. We get more news about the Korean firm's plans in this market segment, where they hope to be one of the references for the future. Sales of your Galaxy Fold are being positive, and the firm has high expectations for next year.

So it is no surprise that Samsung is preparing to increase the production of folding phones facing 2020. A way to respond to the increasing demand for this type of model, which is gradually gaining a presence in the market. Especially if we can expect several new models.

It has been the CEO of Samsung who has confirmed that in 2020 we will see many folding phones for his part. So surely there are several releases planned in this regard, which will be unveiled in the coming months. This also entails an increase in the production of the firm.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

It will be interesting to see what proposals the firm leaves us next year. Since it looks like they are going betting on different designs to those with the Galaxy Fold, so there will be quite a variety in this regard in terms of folding phones. Something that interests users, no doubt.

The first model that Samsung leaves us will be presented in two weeks, on November 19. A device that can hit stores between the end of this year and early 2020, if all goes well. But at the moment we have hardly any information about it.

We will be attentive to these plans of the Korean brand to go expanding its range of folding phones. It promises to be an interesting strategy, which makes it clear that Samsung is fully committed to folding phones. Although the progress of this type of models will be relatively slow in the coming years.