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Samsung prepares a circular smartwatch with camera

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<p style=It is no mystery that the smartwatch market tends to build externally reminiscent of a conventional watch, with which logically the market advances towards the same end, the smartwatch circular and Samsung does not want to be left behind in this sense with what you could have ready to present your first smartwatch circular.

The cameras of the devices do not stop improving and even thanks to software, they begin to be able to recognize certain objects and that’s why Samsung wants to take advantage of it to equip your smartwatch circular of this function, perhaps to cover a new market and thus be able to help those who have some kind of blindness to be able to distinguish objects that are not very common, as long as the clock says it out loud.

The presentation of this smartwatch circular expected for him Unpacked in which Samsung presented its Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge but apparently decided to wait for its first smartwatch circular it was not overshadowed by its new flagship. Along with the implemented function, as is customary in Samsung, this watch Tizen will run inside.

This is where I ask you a question, do we really need a camera on the clock?

Personally my answer to this question is, without a doubt, no. The smartwatches are made to complement our smartphone, so that to be really useful, the phone and the watch must be at a reduced distance, which brings me to this conclusion: what am I going to use the camera for a watch that is approximately 0.3 megapixels if only half a meter at most I have my camera smartphone that you probably have around 13 megapixels? In the end the decision is up to each one and it is also true that for a certain audience it may make sense, as in the case I have named in the article, so We would like to leave your comments in this regard.