Samsung introduces the Smart Things ecosystem and IoT solution

Samsung introduces the Smart Things ecosystem and IoT solution

Once our friends from Samsung Mexico have given us a cordial invitation to attend to learn more about Smart Things and IoT (Internet of Things), which the Tecnocat team was covering this event to share all the detailed information

The Korean manufacturer Samsung and the telecommunications giant Telcel jointly announced the launch of their new IoT (Internet of Things) solution in order to transform the home or office into an intelligent space in which connected devices can interact in the best possible way. way, through the open platform of Samsung SmartThings.

AffirmH.S Jo, President of Samsung Electronics Mexico. We are pleased and proud to present innovative IoT services and products that work under Samsung's SmartThings platform, with the support and alliance of Telcel. In the future, all Samsung equipment will be connected through this platform, and without a doubt we will continue expanding the range of IoT products and services, not only in Mexico, but throughout Latin America, in partnership with Telcel and Amrica Mvil.

With this alliance, two leading companies join forces to offer innovative Samsung devices, as well as Telcel's experience and strength in the telecommunications industry; guaranteeing functionality and connectivity in the most powerful Network.

The new SmartThings Kit includes:

  • WiFi SmartThingsIt is a Wi-Fi router that improves the quality of the wireless signal at home and increases service coverage, offering an uninterrupted connectivity experience. At the same time, it acts as the command center that allows interconnecting and managing compatible intelligent devices, such as cameras, sensors, locks, light systems, among others.
  • Smarthings Camera It is a video camera that allows you to transmit and record video in HD quality (720p) indoors. It has a motion detection function and night vision, to record even in conditions without light.
  • SmartThings Multipurpose SensorIt is an opening sensor that is placed on doors or windows to issue a notification immediately when they are opened. In addition, this sensor allows monitoring changes in the temperature of a space.
  • SmartThings OutletIt is an intelligent energy contact that allows you to remotely turn on or off conventional electronic and electrical appliances, such as lamps, fans, coffee machines, among others. Also, it allows to measure the energy consumption of the device connected to it.

The new SmartThings Kity subscription to SmartThings IoTes will be available from October 1 at Telcel Customer Service Centers, Samsung Experience Stores (Santa Fe, Puebla, Quertaro and Guadalajara) and online store at

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