Now Uber will allow you to make two additional stops

Now Uber will allow you to make two additional stops

The multi-destination option will now allow you to add two additional stops should you require it, which certainly sounds pretty good to all those left to pick up their friends, girlfriend or family.

To set additional destinations all you have to do is request a new trip as you normally would, press the plus (+) symbol, which will allow you to add up to two additional stops. It should be noted that the additional stops may be modified in real time, as long as the final destination of the trip has not been reached.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that in the event that the user takes more than 3 minutes at the same point, Uber will automatically add an additional charge due to the delay time, just as it is possible that the fare changes according to time and distance.

The new feature is intended for future Uber updates, which will roll out to all Android and iOS devices gradually.

Without a doubt, the new function that Uber adds will be of great help to many users who carry out a routine with too many destinations in a single day.

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