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new home screen, third-party wallpapers, improvements in Home Kit and more

ios 14

Tons of iOS 14-related leaks are appearing in the last few hours thanks to an alleged leaked version of the system to which he has had access 9to5mac. Thanks to them we now know that the Apple Watch will have a new sensor to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, it will have full mouse and trackpad support, allowing transcribing to text the notes taken with the Apple Pencil and iMessage incorporating new features. And now information is coming about a new home screen.

This new information reveals that Apple is developing a new interface for the iOS home screen in iOS 14. According to the leaked code for iOS 14, the iOS 14 home screen will include a new page that allows users see all your app icons in a list view. In addition to this we will see news in the wallpapers and third-party apps may include them in the system.

In addition to these new features, the filtration of 9to5mac offers new information on iOS 14 related to accessibility, #shotoniphone challenges, HomeKit improvements and much more.

Many news will come to iOS 14

As we see the leaks not from Jan to arrive and today 9to5mac has unveiled tons of new information.

Starting screen

Apparently Apple is preparing a new view for the iPhone home screen. Similar to how we have on Apple Watch, it seems that we can see all our applications in list form. This list view will include several different sorting options and filters.

Apple Watch List Menu

Also, this new list view of apps will include smart tips with Siri technology to suggest the applications you could be looking for depending on the time of day and the location where you are. A clear example would be the recommendation of the Music application when you get to the gym.


There are currently three wallpaper options for iOS 13: Dynamic, Fixed and Live. In iOS 14 we will see more categories like "Earth and Moon", "Flowers", etc. to offer a better organization. But the main change will not be that, but the possibility that developers can create their own wallpapers and include them in the system. In this way we could have hundreds of collections of Live Photos or dynamic wallpapers from third parties within the settings of the system itself.

Augmented reality

Apparently Apple is developing an augmented reality application to be included in the operating system. The new application, codenamed Gobi, allowsIt will give users more information about the world around them.

According to this leak of the iOS 14 code, Apple appears to be testing integrations with Apple Stores and Starbucks. For example, users could hold their phone in an Apple Store and view information about devices, prices, and specifications.


Apple's home automation app will come with interesting improvements in iOS 14. For example, we tend to the lights adjust their intensity throughout the day depending on the interior or exterior light. Another novelty is related to security cameras, which will allow recognize faces.

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