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LG 360 VR, the virtual reality glasses from LG that we will see at MWC 2016

The MWC 2016 is very close and in it LG may surprise us with its LG 360 VR, its virtual reality glasses. The South Korean manufacturer does not want to fall behind in the virtual reality career. With a model in tow, the VR for G3, which was hardly a more resistant evolution of the Google Cardboard, can speculate that this new proposal: the new lg virtual reality glasses, calls LG 360 VR.

Industry insiders point out that the prototype of the new lg virtual reality glasses, could be presented at the launch of the new mobile of the technological firm, the LG G5, since some hardware features already known from the new mobile from the Korean suggest that it will have the ability to pair with some other unknown device.

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Until now there are few companies dedicated to the development of technology that can count on their credit with a virtual reality viewer, which is why it is surprising that this Asian firm is betting on the launch of new LG virtual reality glasses, which shows the interest of techlovers and consumers in general about this new proposal and how profitable it can be.

In this portal we have spoken on different occasions about the concept of augmented reality coined in 1965, which recently reappeared due to the interest of users to live more real sensory experiences when coming into contact with technology to humanize it more? we have to wait and see where this race takes us and know theLG virtual reality glasses.

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