How QuarantineChat, the platform of the moment, works

How QuarantineChat, the platform of the moment, works

Artists Danielle Baskin and Max Hawkins are behind one of the most innovative and analog projects within the tech avalanche to aid in the coronavirus pandemic: this is QuarantineChat, a platform to connect people who are isolated.

The creators of the project refer to its application:

“We created QuarantineChat in response to the coronavirus that causes people in cities to be quarantined, isolating humans from each other. While people can still speak virtually to friends and family, the experience of spontaneously speaking with a stranger is now absent in many of our lives.

If the virus has affected you, or if you are worried, or if you live in the forest, your phone may ring and connect you with another interesting person that you should know. COVID-19 is not a joyous affair, but we hope that this project provides people with moments of joy in a dark moment, ”they noted.

Danielle and Max say the most important thing about QuarantineChat is spontaneity, being able to speak to anyone in quarantine in the world on a random basis.

"Receive calls at random times and pair with another person individually. Talk about anything: what you're cooking for dinner, your dreams or the global economy," say the creators of the app.


To keep costs down, the platform claims that QuarantineChat calls are made over the Internet with the Dialup application instead of the phone system, making them completely free.

How QuarantineChat Works:

  • Once you register, you will be subscribed to periodic calls. Your caller ID will always say "QuarantineChat" when the phone rings.
  • After a brief moment of waiting, you will meet another random person. You do not have to answer if you are busy: your partner will automatically associate with another person. And you can join and leave the line whenever you want.
  • It is private. You use your phone number to sign up for Dialup, but your matches will only see your username.
  • All calls are encrypted end-to-end.

One of the caveats creators give that is that the platform is not used to make jokes, nor is it a place to seek medical help.

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