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Google improve the performance of Android phones with updates from Google Play

Google improve the performance of Android phones with updates from Google Play

We have talked more than once about how fragmentation on Android became one of the biggest operating system problems because of Google. However, the Mountain View company has been working on different projects to gradually end this problem, and today new details have come out of a function that will significantly improve the performance of Android phones thanks to Project Mainline.

Before continuing we must explain that Project Mainline It is a technology that seeks to launch updates to Android phones through Google Play, so these updates will not depend on the manufacturers, but on Google, so they will reach millions of users to have improvements in the phones without waiting for them to These manufacturers work on their own with the upgrade.

Project Mainline

An update to improve GPU drivers

Divers are very common in the world of technology. A
driver as such is a software driver that makes a component of
hardware and software connect and work in the best way. The advantage
One of the drivers is that they can be updated and improved with each update.

In Android the issue of drivers is not like in other operating systems, and normally the update of these comes when updates from the manufacturer fall, but now everything will be different.

And it is that 9to5Google mentions that Google has worked on the update that will improve performance on Android phones with Snapdragon processors reducing the use of the graphic processor by 40%. That is, we can have the same performance in games and other elements that require the graphics processor, but with less effort, which means that the battery will be saved and also the phone will heat up much less.

The downside of all this is that said improvement seems to come first to the phones with a processor Snapdragon 855, that is to say, the high range, will arrive first at Pixel 4 and later at Galaxy S10 and Note 10. The good thing is that said update will come through the Play Store, so soon the owners of these phones could see a noticeable improvement in their equipment just by installing the update that will reach the Play Store as if it were an installed app on your devices.