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Facebook, Apple and Salesforce to donate face masks

Facebook, Apple and Salesforce have pledged to donate millions of masks to help healthcare workers who are facing a shortage of protective equipment during the coronavirus crisis.


He is working to get millions of masks to give away after donating 720,000 that he had stored in case the fires continue in his home state of California, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said.

«Health workers urgently need more protective equipment, " Zuckerberg wrote in a Sunday post.

Salesforce Software Employees

They delivered 9,000 masks to the University of California, San Francisco, CEO Marc Benioff announced Sunday. The health-focused school made a public call for donations, saying that its front-line coronavirus responders had a "urgent need" of masks, gloves and other supplies.

"We are working hard on all our resources and relationships to deliver an additional 5 million masks this week plus" additional personal protective equipment ", Benioff said on Twitter.


He has been working to obtain supplies for healthcare workers fighting coronavirus, which has sickened more than 300,000 people worldwide.

The company is donating "Millions of masks for health professionals in the United States and Europe", CEO Tim Cook tweeted Saturday. He did not say how many masks the company had already contributed or where exactly the equipment would be distributed.

The efforts of technology companies

They occur when the US supply of protective masks. USA It runs dangerously low under the growing coronavirus crisis.

The shortage has worsened so much in Washington state that hospital workers have reportedly made their own face masks out of vinyl, foam and other materials.

Minnesota-based company 3M

It has doubled its global production of N95 respirator masks at the rate of almost 100 million per month.

Fashion designer Christian Siriano also offered to start producing masks to aid the virus response in New York State, where more than 15,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported.