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Europe asks to limit the quality of Netflix or YouTube to avoid network saturation

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The Financial Times assures that the European Union It has contacted Netflix, YouTube and other streaming content service platforms to consider temporarily reducing the quality of audiovisual content in order to avoid network collapse and saturation.

For many users this seems an excessive measure, since they would not like to lose quality and experience of use in a service for which they have previously paid. But, on the other hand, it is quite a reasonable request considering that millions and millions of users are confined to their homes after the declaration of a state of emergency by the COVID-19 pandemic.

As an alternative solution, from iPadzate we think that the most natural (and supportive) thing would be that this type of platforms that generate billions of income a year would sacrifice and raise a reduction in the cost of your subscription plans and remove the quality option in HD.

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The European Union's request to avoid network collapses

From the EU they believe that streaming platforms should consider offering only streaming services standard definition. As we proposed. While, on the other hand, they also encourage individual users to pay attention to their consumption data.

A Netflix representative has responded to the request, noting that the platform's streaming technology is tailored to each area by adjusting the video resolution in accordance with the available network in the area.

β€œIt is correct to stress the importance of ensuring that the Internet continues to function smoothly during these critical times. We have focused on network efficiency for many years. ”

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What do you think about the request of the European Union? Should we all sacrifice ourselves for the common good? Do you think the network could collapse?