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Elon Musk, donates fans to California

Elon Musk bought 1,000 ventilators and donated them to California hospitals to help treat patients with coronavirus, the state governor said.

"They have arrived in Los Angeles … It was a heroic effort", Governor Gavin Newsom said at a press conference.

Tesla boss

He mentioned the effort on Twitter on Monday night, saying he bought the breathing machines on Friday in China, where he claimed there was oversupply.

"If you want to install a free fan, let us know!" Musk wrote.

The 48-year-old tesla founder was not always so enthusiastic about the cause. He tweeted on March 6: "Coronavirus panic is silly."

But last week the businessman said on Twitter that his company "It will make fans if there is a shortage."

Musk insisted

That making more hospital supplies would be very easy.

β€œTesla makes cars with sophisticated climate control systems. SpaceX manufactures spaceships with life support systems. The fans are not difficult, but they cannot be produced instantly ” He tweeted last Thursday.