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Download Spotify Lite and listen to music without taking up much space

Companies know that for users to use their applications en masse, they must take into account multiple aspects. In addition to having a good product, you have to consider technical issues that are very relevant especially in the low-end of Android.

We are referring to issues related to RAM and storage and that is why in recent months we have seen many great services present their Lite versions. These versions are almost the same as the original ones (although some functions are always lost) but with a much smaller size.

The latest company to launch its cropped version has been Spotify, which announced it a few weeks ago but it is now when it has made it available for some markets.

We will lose some functions

When we open the application we see that aesthetically it is very similar to the full version. We are obviously referring to the version that was announced and redesigned a few weeks ago.

This is curious since the application occupies almost a tenth. The original occupies 100 MB and this reduced version only 15 MB.

Among the drawbacks we have is the lack Offline playback mode, one of the reasons many users switch to the paid version. However it may make sense since if we value saving space in the app there is little point in occupying MB with downloaded music.

Reproduction quality is also affected and we will not have the maximum quality available. And we will not be able to use Spotify Connect, the function that allows us to send the sound to external devices.

And last but not least, paying customers will not be able to choose a specific application, which does not seem to make much sense.

Although the application is in the Google Play Store depending on the country in which we are, we can download it from there or not. If it is not our case we can download it from APK Mirror.