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Coronavirus: Follow the international race to create a cheap respirator

Coronavirus: Follow the international race to create a cheap respirator

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crisis caused by Covid-19

 It is saturating the hospitals of the paneta. Respiratory failure problems are one of the symptoms associated with this virus. For this reason, initiatives are emerging around the world to

develop affordable ventilation systems

, such as those proposed in the project

Open Source Ventilator


In Spain, at the end of last week, a WhatsApp conversation between three colleagues from the areas of innovation, biomedicine and engineering has ended with the creation of a forum called

Innovative Breathing Aid (AIR)

, which, to date, has 230 participants.

The initial group was made up of Jorge Barrero, CEO of the Cotec Foundation, Andreu Climent, CEO and founder of Corify Care – a spin off of the Gregorio Maran Hospital – and Csar Garca, researcher at the Discover Object Oriented Electronics Association and expert in 3D printing.

As Barrero comments to SINC, "the idea arises from

a citizen need

In addition to complying with health recommendations, try to explore what we professionals can do, each in our field, to help in this crisis. "

"We have focused on the search for

Cheaper and easier to manufacture alternatives for ventilating coronavirus patients

. Taking into account that these procedures can become a bottleneck in saturated hospital ICUs, "he explains.