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Best iPhone Apps and Games of the Week (March 17, 2014)

The best games and apps for iPhone from this week's App Store

There are more and more applications and games in the App Store and sometimes it is impossible to choose the one that best suits each one. So you don't have that problem, in iPadize We have created a list with which apps and games that have captivated us this week, have you tried them all?

The weeks fly by when we enjoy the days and this week we have tried many games and apps that have helped us. We have had a great time serving ice cream in Papa’s Freezeria To Go! and then we have raised our adrenaline to maximum with F18 pilot simulator and True Skate. But since it is not all about playing and having fun, we have also tried tools that help us work and be more productive like AppZilla 4.

The best iPhone Applications and Games that we downloaded in the week of March 17, 2014

AppZilla 4

More than 200 apps in one, as AppZilla 4 is presented. The app contains a multitude of tools that can be useful for many people and uses. Photo, video, health, fitness, games, finance applications, in short, a really complete and very useful app.


Retouching photos from our mobile devices is getting easier and with apps like Facetune it becomes a child's game. In this case, the app is specialized in improving portraits and in a few simple steps you can improve any shot.


With Videoshop you will have a very useful tool to edit videos in your pocket. Merge multiple videos into one, add text or filters, change the audio of a video for a song and many other options. All this with a simple interface and very easy to use.


Photography apps are very popular in the App Store and we are not surprised at all. Developers are able to create authentic wonders and help us improve or make our photos different. With Waterlogue we can "convert" any photograph to a drawing painted in watercolor. The results are astonishing.

True skate

Would you like to do all kinds of tricks on a skateboard, but you don't want to break any bones? With True Skate for iPhone you can do it from the comfort of your sofa and without any risk to your knees or elbows. Regarded as one of the best skate simulators for mobile devices, True Skate promises hours and hours of fun. Yes, do not think that by playing this game you will be doing sports, for that you will have to sweat the shirt.

Duck Life

In Duck Life you will be at the controls of a duck and you will have to do different tests to get a victory. Run, swim, fly, climb, jump and much more. Train your duck to win victory in the final competition.

F18 pilot simulator

Although many of us would love it, only a few lucky people will have the opportunity to take command of a fighter plane such as the F18. The rest we will have to settle for simulators like F18 pilo simulator. Recreate on your iPhone the sensations felt by the pilots of these "birds" in flight. Adrenaline rush guaranteed.


Lead the son of a humble warrior to become the commander of a powerful army and save his village from destruction. A turn-based game based on old school strategy games.

Papa’s Freezeria To Go!

You just started a job at the Papa’s fridge and everything seems to be going well, until everyone seems to agree to go for an ice cream. It tempers the nerves, it looks for the form to organize itself and you put the batteries to serve each client his order. It may not be easy, but it is possible.

Blocky Roads

Get on your blocky car in true style and travel all the roads and hills in search of the missing pieces of your farm. Recover them all to return your farm to the glory of other times.