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Apple will already have the ability to create ARM chips at the height of the Mac

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Yesterday, former Apple CEO and founder of Be Inc. Jean-Louis Gasse published on Monday Note the current perspective of how were the ARM processors to undo the Intel x86 of the Mac range in the near future.

With all the speculation that we are experiencing about it, it is normal that rumors of a future Mac with an ARM processor grow. Till the date, Apple has shown that its ARM processors can give the level of performance that current Intel iX x86 offer (you just have to see the performance offered by the iPad Pro) but doubts grow when we talk about the highest range of Apple, the Mac Pro. To dispel the beliefs that an ARM processor would not be able to give life necessary to a computer of such a specific nature has had to be a company external to Apple that has come to demonstrate that it is not only possible, but also does it with practically half the energy consumption of its x86 counterpart in the range Intel Xeon.

Ampere, a company founded by former Intel President Rene James and with support as big as Oracle or the Carlyle Group, designs and sells high-performance ARM processors that compete with Intel's Xeon that are used in cloud servers, as well as decamos with much less consumption. If we talk about the figures that Gasse gives, the consumption of an Ampere ARM processor is 210 watts per 400 of its counterpart on the Intel Xeon, practically half.

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With ARM processors to cover the full range of Mac currently available, Apple would no longer have to consider having its system segmented as had been speculated to date, which kept Intel at the top of the professional range and left ARMs for the models with the highest sales volume.

Another topic Gasse talks about is the production of an own ARM chip for the Mac Pro, since Apple would manufacture its own chips. While with the volumes of units that are sold of the other models it would not be a problem, since we speak of millions, With the Mac Pro it happens that the production of this own chip would be reduced to a few thousand and it might not be profitable to produce them for so few units in comparison. Then it would be easier to stay allied with Intel, which can manufacture the current Xeon in a much higher volume.

We have been hearing rumors of Mac computers with ARM processors since 2018, and there is talk that they will be with us for the next 12-18 months. It does not seem that they will reach the entire range at the same time but at least we can count on that it is possible to design them for all levels of performance, which means that in the medium term they will be able to cover the entire range.