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Apple TV + will also reduce EU streaming quality

Europeans face the coronavirus quarantine in low resolution.

Apple TV +

It has teamed up this week with Netflix and Amazon Prime and other streaming giants to lower the quality of video streaming across the continent in an apparent effort to reduce tension on the Internet.


When the decision was made, how long will it last, what specific countries or regions are affected, and how degraded is the quality of transmission. The company did not answer any of our specific questions, it only confirmed that the transmission quality decreased.

European customers

They are seeing resolutions "As low as 670 pixels tall", very far from the 4K so promoted by the service. I can't confirm it, but nevertheless, there are Twitter accounts that echo the low-resolution claims.

The Apple TV 4K device

It is less expensive than the company currently sells listed for 179 dollars. The "HDMI cable", unfortunately, "sold separately".

While there are more important issues to worry about than the quality of transmission as the coronavirus sweeps the world, customers may be forgiven for wondering if one of the world's wealthiest companies will offer them some form of refund after failing to do so. provide a promised service.