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Apple maintains iPhone 12 release date despite coronavirus

iphone 12

In recent days we are experiencing a global crisis due to the coronaries that have paralyzed a large part of the world, and large companies like Apple are not just. Just two days ago we saw the new iPad Pro and Apple had to present it through a press release since right now you cannot hold an event, I include the World Developer Conference is going to be held exclusively online.

The coronavirus affects us all and much would have been rumored about a possible delay in the launch of the iPhone 12 that should arrive in September, however the latest news assures that everything continues as planned. This means that we will see new iPhone in autumn of this 2020.

iPhone 12 s, delays too

We already told you that Apple had suspended flights to China of its employees and this had caused Apple to be unable to fine-tune the final design of the iPhone 12 with its partners in the Asian country. This was to cause delays in production that were still incalculable.

Now Bloomberg comes with new information ensuring that these delays are more than likely, but that Apple still plans to launch iPhone 12 this fall. According to anonymous sources, the "next flagship iPhones with 5G capabilities are still slated to launch in the fall." However, mass production is not scheduled to start until May, so delays could materialize once the manufacturing process begins.

iPhone 12 pro EAP

Apparently Apple s that has been able to manufacture some test versions in February, before the coronavirus crisis fully erupted.

"Before the China factory shutdown in February, Apple was able to build a limited number of trial versions of the new models. Apple finalizes most of the design features for new iPhones between November and December of the year prior to launch, and begins mass-producing new cases around April. Then begins a manufacturing stage called “Final Assembly, Testing, and Packaging” that begins in May."

iPhone 12 pro concept

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This is good news as it seems that Apple has had time to finish profiling the design of the iPhone 12 with its partners manufacturing. However, it is true that production could be resented since many suppliers are still far from offering the performance they are used to.

This could give us several options in the future, Apple could slightly delay iPhone 12 release date this year to try to build more devices on time, or perhaps launch it as usual but with more limited units.

Recall that this year a "sales supercycle" is expected due to the novelties that will come with the iPhone 12. The most important innovation will be 5G technology, but Apple is preparing up to 4 different models, one of them with a 5.4-inch screen that could be positioned as the most affordable option of this new generation. We have to wait a few months and see if the world is gradually recovering, China seems to be doing it.