iPad Pro 2020

9 unknown features and curiosities of the new iPad Pro 2020

iPad Pro 2020

Apple has presented this week the new iPad Pro of 2020, which is loaded with news and comes to replace the model released in 2018. At its launch, Apple unveiled many of the news that includes its new top-of-the-range tablet, but other features and I leave curiosities without mentioning them at the mercy of being discovered by users who seek to immerse themselves in their page and read everything from end to end. That is why Today we bring you the 9 unknown functions and curiosities of the new iPad Pro of 2020.

1 Changes in storage capacities

Apple didn't mention anything about this in its presentation, but the memory lineup of the new iPad Pro has changed. While the 256, 512 GB, and 1 TB settings stay the same, the base configuration, which previously started from 64GB has increased to 128GB. In addition, this has not led to an increase in price, since the base configuration remains at the same price as in the previous generation despite the increase in memory, and the higher configurations have even decreased it.

IPad Pro 2020 memorySource: apple.es

2 Cameras still behind the iPhone

Despite what the new camera module may look like, as it closely resembles those of the current iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, the cameras included in this new model are not yet at the same level as those of the last generation iPhone. Taking a look at the specifications on the Apple website, we can see how the wide-angle camera remains identical to what had been until now in the 2018 model, and that the new ultra-wide-angle lens stays at 10 megapixels compared to 12 of the iPhone. Of course, we see an increase in the latter of 5 in the field of vision, being in the new iPad 125 compared to the 120 of the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, and also maintains the same constant aperture, so that both objectives are the same of luminous.

As far as the front camera and Face ID is concerned seems to be identical to those of the 2018 model, so there has been no change here. Something that Apple has mentioned, however, is that the True Tone flash is now brighter than in its previous model, a small addition.

IPad Pro 2020 camera module

3 No Portrait Mode

Something that takes time on iPhones and that Apple seems to have no intention of including on iPads is Portrait Mode. While with the iPhone XR Apple demonstrated that it could include Portrait Mode even with a single lens thanks to computational photography, Now that the iPad has two lenses, it might seem like the perfect time to include this feature on the tablet. pro of those of Cupertino, but it has not been the case. Apparently they are clear that the iPad cameras are not for leisure and photography as such, but rather that they are intended for 3D modeling and augmented reality, so Portrait Mode is totally unnecessary.

4 More video recording options, but with buts

It seems that Apple has decided to equip its new iPad with new and cinematic video recording possibilitiesAlthough that does have certain limitations. IPad can now record 4K at 24fps and slow motion at 4K and 120fps, but only with the wide-angle camera. The ultra wide-angle camera is limited to recording 4K at 60fps and slow motion at 240fps.

Video iPad Pro

In what the TrueDepth camera is concerned the same recording characteristics are maintained at 1080p and 30 and 60fps that already exist in the previous model, but the possibility of taking 8 megapixel photographs while recording 4K with the rear cameras is added.

5 A slightly improved processor

With its new device Apple presented what would be the heart and brain of its operations, the A12Z chip. An evolution of the current A12X that the iPad Pro of 2018 mounted. From what we know so far the chip is designed to perform better than its predecessor but for the moment we only know that it has one more core than the model launched in 2018 in the graphic section, the rest of the specifications are still pending to be revealed. So we will have to wait for it to come to the market and users start to run benchmarks to know what differences it has with the A12X.


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On the other hand, and compared to the A13 chip that the current iPhone 11 and 11 Pro mount, while it performs less than the A12X, and therefore we understand that it also inferiorly compared to the A12Z, so if it counts that not included on the iPad is the 3rd generation Neural Engine. With this we understand that the Machine Learning or the computational photography of the iPad Pro are not at the same level as that of the iPhone. In addition, the graphics acceleration optimized for Metal would also not be present on the tablet, although this is strange seeing the graphics capabilities of the new iPad.

6 Audio enhancements

In the same way that Apple improved the microphones of the 16-inch MacBook Pro released late last year, the same has been done with the new iPad Pro. Now, according to Apple, it has “5 studio-quality microphones" At the moment it is not clear what this means, but we understand that will have improved the quality of the microphones, which is sure to be positive especially in the face of using FaceTime on the iPad.