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You will not be able to try an Apple Watch or AirPods in the Apple Store to avoid contagions by coronavirus

apple watch apple store

The coronavirus is a global threat and all countries are pending its evolution and taking awkward but necessary measures such as the suspension of events, classes and the closure of establishments. Apple is also being affected And yesterday, he had a meeting at the White House to try to take the necessary measures to combat the dreaded virus.

In addition to the store closings, Apple has just taken an important step in its Apple Store: users will not be able to test their devices during this time to avoid possible infections. Even if More than a ban, it is a recommendation to protect employees and customers from the Apple Store during the coronavirus outbreak, if a customer specifically requests to try AirPods or an Apple Watch, employees can access, there would be no employee of an Apple Store offering you to wear an Apple Watch with a certain strap or try some AirPods.

Apple tries to avoid infections

Coronavirus takes time to show symptoms in people, so many users may be sick and not know it. If these users go through an Apple Store to trying an Apple Watch could infect it, causing in a very short time both store workers and other users to try this same Apple Watch also become infected.

Apple stores have long offered this type of testing. It is very possible that you do not know which Apple Watch model to buy among all the options of Materials, colors and straps available and in the Apple Store they have a sample book with all the options for you to choose correctly. In the same way, you can also try the AirPods Pro to personally experience how they fit your ear and the different size options available.

Apple Watch Apple Store

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Apple has always promoted the Apple Watch as your "most personal device" And it has allowed customers to test the product since the first model was launched in 2015. Even these tests have gone further, since last year there is a new program to further customize the watch called Apple Watch Studio. However, it seems that now all this will be stopped until the coronavirus outbreak passes.

But this is not all, since according to the report of Business InsiderThe company is also taking other measures besides not letting its products be tested. Among these measures we have the reduce the number of seats and stools so that they are further away from each other, a meter away they cannot spread the virus to you. Cleaning staff has grown and devices are cleaned more often, and Apple has installed gel-based hand sanitizing machines in their Apple Stores.

We all have to take steps every day to avoid infections, especially if you are in one of the countries with the most infections, and Apple will not be less. The company is taking serious action and won't shake your hand if you have to cancel keynotes, sessions, or close the Apple Store.