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Worse than nomophobia? A new syndrome of mobile addiction

Worse than nomophobia? A new syndrome of mobile addiction

For a long time, we have been hearing about nomophobia, excessive fear of leaving the house without a mobile phone; however, dependence on the famous device has become a muse for the emergence of new concepts; among them, vampiring.

As explained in Antenna 3, Vampiring is the syndrome of mobile addicts. It consists of staying continuously connected to the mobile phone, reviews the media in question, where it is also noted that given the fact that at least 70% of minors between the ages of 10 and 15 have access to a smartphone, this disorder is suffered by more and more adolescents.

The problem does not focus so much on whether or not to have a mobile phone, but rather on Internet access, since many of the minors are not able to disconnect even when they are asleep.

In the same way it has been known that in the face of this scenario, experts recommend to parents and representatives, limit access to the Internet and have control over the applications that minors can download and the uses they may give it.

Now, talking about applications but without letting go of the scourge that stars this installment: vampiring- from GizTab we invite you to take a look at apps like Checky, QualityTime, Pause, IF by IFTTT, BreakFree, FaceUp, Moment, Flipd, Human Mode and Forest, which not only help the user to know if he suffers from mobile addiction, but also cooperate to remedy that condition.

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