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Why does the phone application want to know your location?

With the cases of data leakage that there are lately, and after we know that even the application of Gmail It grants too many accesses for other apps to read our emails, it is logical that we look closely at these accesses, the so-called permissions. It is something we recommend you do: before installing or updating anything investigate the permissions you ask for and accept them only if the application has functions according to said permissions. Now, why does the phone want to know our location?

Not all phone applications ask for permission to know the location. The native Android app, the phone you have developed Google for our devices, yes it does. But do not think that its use is cloudy or has a hidden reason: it is for your own safety.

The phone app sends your location when you call an emergency

Why does the phone application want to know your location?

There is the reason: just by calling the emergency number from your smartphone, the services will not only know your case and will be able to talk to you, they will also locate you in case you had to be assisted by an ambulance, the fire department or the police. Imagine that you are calling because someone is holding you and you cannot confess where you are. Thanks to the location permission, the mobile will tell you about your position without having to do anything else.

As we said, the native Android application includes the possibility of sending the location in emergency calls. The rest of manufacturers will be completing their applications little by little since it can save many security problems, even people's lives. So will Apple: the company announced that iOS 12 will send the location in emergency calls.

Why does the phone application want to know your location?

This option complements another gesture that contributes to the safety of those who make calls: these communications are not reflected even in the telephone record neither in the telephone bill. It is an extra protection for those who seek help through their smartphone.