Why do we need more games like Pokmon Go

Today is a special day for Pokemon fans, and it's because Pokemon Go is already with us. For those who do not know what it is, it is an augmented reality game in which we will have to move in the real world and go find and capture creatures called Pokémon.

Without a doubt it is a quite special game, both for those who already knew the franchise and for those who want to get started in augmented reality games. Pokémon Go is a game that has tremendous potential to lay the foundation for a new generation of mobile gaming.

We have already tested Pokémon Go, and our first impressions (if the servers hold up) have been quite positive. We believe that it is a game that as it receives updates will be one of the most famous smartphone games. We want more games like Pokemon Go, but what exactly do we want to do?

A game that makes use of the resources of our smartphone

My feelings with smartphone video games have always been a bit of love-hate. In Android we have excellent games, but if we look at the market in general we see a trend that is not creating a new way of playingInstead, it recreates old styles of play on an unsuitable device, or in other cases new styles appear that do not end up being so much fun.

Except for the puzzle genre, games like Clash Royale or masterpieces like A Blind Legend, most games can be summed up as "touch the screen, touch the screen again, touch the screen again".

pokemon go for android

The driving games for example if they make an interesting use of the accelerometer to control the steering wheel with the mobile, and there the innovations end. Pokémon Go is a game that takes one step beyond all the lessons Ingress gave us on how to take advantage of GPS and mobile networks to make a different game.

In Pokémon Go we use the GPS to locate ourselves on the world map, the camera and the gyroscope to follow the Pokémon and the touch screen to capture them and control the menus. We want more games like Pokémon Go to experiment with the sensors that make up our phones.

That encourages us to exercise

Pokémon GO touchdown for Android

Both Ingress and Pokémon Go are applications that encourage us to visit a virtual world through our smartphone. With augmented reality games we do not visit a virtual world, but we move in the real world and our smartphone is a link between the two worlds.

Pokémon Go invites us to play in the street, to take a walk, to look for Pokémon in the surroundings, to walk around until we find the Pokémon we are looking for. In short, it encourages us to exercise, in a more attractive way than other applications. Have Nike Training make me run for half an hour It doesn't motivate me as much as going to capture a very rare Pokémon that has appeared in my area, I assure you.

That invites us to socialize, in real life

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Like many of the kids of my generation, I remember fondly those years when the main concern was forgetting to do homework at school. In those years, having a Game Boy was the best, and many of us enjoyed these portable consoles.

Pokémon in its year was a revolution, but not only at the video game level, but as a social game. The titles of the saga are divided into two versions, where each type of Pokémon could be caught. If you wanted to get hold of everyone, you had to exchange Pokémon yes or yes.

And in the year that it came out it was not as simple as connecting to the Internet, but you had to meet someone who had another edition and ask for an exchange. It was not uncommon to be playing in the park with your Game Boy and that a boy you did not know asked you to exchange or fight. In the childhood I met many kids thanks to Pokémon who are still my friends, And with Pokemon Go events I look forward to meeting new people who share my hobby of becoming a Pokemon Master.

Pokémon Go is a free game. Free, yes, but with micropayments. Micropayments are another reason why mobile games cause me mistrust, and that is that in most games we always find a game system in which you end up paying to enjoy. They are games that they constantly remind us that if we want to have an advantage, we must pay, and they remind us with windows, with offers, with access to the store at all times (even with annoying notifications). Micropayments end up being an end to the game, rather than a means to expand it.

In Pokémon Go I have had that fear that it was one of the bunch when seeing the easy access to the store, but it has dissipated when playing for a while. The game gives us plenty of resources to play for several hours, and if we run out of Pokéballs, we can go to the Pokeparadas distributed by the map to recharge Pokéballs. Don't feel like kicking around town to get supplies? Well, there you have the micropayments. But if we do not want to pay the game, it will not insist, it will not put popups on us telling us to buy or anything. You just have to walk to get more exercise.