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The Xiaomi Mi 8 will arrive in Spain according to advertising images

The presentation of the new Xiaomi Mi 8 It will be in less than 24 hours and little by little more and more details are leaking. In addition to new images of this mobile and some new features we see how there is more data that is confirmed although unofficially.

This will be the first flagship to be announced after the start of expansion in the west of the company so it is relevant to see if the new star model will be sold in the expected countries.

On paper, it will be the successor to the Xiaomi Mi 6, but it will also reduce the prominence of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S.

An image confirms it

During these days we see several images that give us clues about the new model and the accessories that will accompany it.

One in particular refers to the markets in which the Xiaomi Mi 8 will be put on sale. The 9-square design shows us an eight-shaped window with an ionic monument from each country and one of them is ours.

If you look at the upper central square you will see that the four towers that appear are those of the sacred Family, the famous Barcelona church.

7 other markets

In addition to our country, the Xiaomi Mi 8 will be sold in Egypt, India, Italy, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia and France. Obviously the main market will be Chinese, but this image seems to make reference to foreign markets.

What we do not know for now is the time to market the Mi 8 in these countries since it does not have to go on sale at the same time as in China. We already saw this in Spain with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, which also changed its name and memory.

There is no reference for now to the price of the mobile, something logical since it will not be announced until may 31.