The United States Army wants to create cyborg soldiers

The United States Army wants to create cyborg soldiers

It seems that the story of countless Hollywood movies will become a reality very soon. Cyborg soldiers are about to be born thanks to a project carried out by the United States Army Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa), which is planning to create a system to connect humans to computers.

Yes, the United States government is investigating a new technology that would allow convert soldiers into cyborgs thanks to a direct connection to computers. The agency's program is called Neural Engineering System Design (NESD) and its goal is to develop an implantable neural interface capable of connecting people to machines.

Human-machine interfaces are not a new research topic, but most of them have been hampered for different reasons. Nevertheless, each day this area has made a little more progress and that is why every so often we see the launch of increasingly advanced prosthetics, for example.

Today's best brain-computer interfaces are like two supercomputers trying to talk to each other using an old 300 baud modem. Imagine what could happen when we update our tools to really open communication between the human brain and modern electronic devices, said Phillip Alvelda, head of Darpa's NESD program.

At this time, Human-Machine interfaces are capable of connecting large numbers of neurons to a computer. However, Darpa intends to improve this technology to be able to connect individual neurons, thanks to which it will be possible to have better control, reduce noise and, theoretically, accelerate communications between humans and computers.

According to the agency's investigations, to meet this objective Different advances in neuroscience will be necessary, synthetic biology, low power electronics, photonics, in the manufacture of medical devices and packaging, as well as different clinical trials.

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