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The Samsung Galaxy A70s receives its first software update

Samsung Galaxy A70s

Samsung Galaxy A70s

Announced in late September of this year, the Galaxy A70s It is currently being offered as one of Samsung's best mid-range. This is one of the few phones that today has a 64 megapixel resolution camera sensor, it is worth noting, as well as a Snapdragon 675 inside.

Since that date, it has not been worthy of its first software update, until now. The South Korean is already offering the first renewed firmware package for it that adds two quite useful functions and features, which are the Support for Link to Windows and support for USB Type-C headphones.

In detail, the new software version for the Samsung Galaxy A70s adds the Bixby Side key function and add USB-C headphone holder, which means you can use the phone's USB-C port to connect your headphones in addition to data transfer and battery charging.

First software update of the Samsung Galaxy A70s

The update also comes with the ‘Link to Windows feature. This, as its name suggests, allows you to connect your phone to a Windows PC and, therefore, access text messages, notifications and photos from it. It also allows you to mirror your phone screen on PC.

The weight of the update, which comes under firmware version ‘A707FDDU1ASK1’, is about 313 MB. It is currently spreading in India, according to the most recent reports originating. Hopefully it will also be offered globally, but this will surely take a few hours or a few days. Before starting the process of installing and installing it, remember to have the phone connected to a stable Wi-Fi network, in order to avoid unwanted consumption of the data packet from your provider, and a good level of battery charge .