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"The calls will be recorded", the new WhatsApp hoax

Confinement continues, the alarm state also, as well as disinformation and hoaxes on WhatsApp. In this case, we have a hoax that ensures that calls will now be recorded.

Not only calls, WhatsApp messages, audios, etc. It is a hoax in the form of a fairly long text and that adds to the state of hysteria in which many Spaniards live since the quarantine began.

WhatsApp hoaxes: connectivity problems in hospitals

These types of hoaxes do not help the population, they simply create more confusion and pain, believing that the state can dominate us in this way. Nerves do not lead the population to think that it may be a hoax, since, if true, which it is not, it would be the state itself that would be breaking laws as important as freedom of expression, right to honor and privacy, data protection law, etc.

Leaving the word aside, we are going to show part of the message and transcribe some of the phrases that have caught our attention the most.

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The message begins by saying that, starting tomorrow (no date), there are new rules for communication.

The rules detailed in the hoax are each more surprising. There are those who are accusing the government, and different political parties, but we want to get away from all that, and focus on the hoax, which brings a lot of things.

On the one hand, it says that "The calls will be recorded". This can only be possible through the opinion of a judge, which has not happened, and if true, they should have communicated it officially and publicly. But come on, it's a hoax. Let's keep going.

This text says that "All WhatsApp messages and calls are recorded". Of course, the end-to-end encryption that even WhatsApp cannot decrypt, removes it because it does. If true, this hoax is being recorded right now.

Another curious fact that this hoax assures that it will happen from tomorrow, we repeat that there is no date in this hoax, it is the following: "Monitoring".

According to this hoax, the government will dedicate itself to monitoring the social networks of hundreds of billions of people in our country.

The last thing, to which we find a certain grace is: "Departmental systems of wiretapping and CDMX governmental and governmental". CDMX is the acronym for Mexico City.